Dr Alana Montcrief

Freedom, Hero, Tanker, Shield/Kin Melee, Lvl 26


Server: Freedom
Type: Hero (Paragon City)
Archetype: Tanker
Origin: Science
Primary: Shield Defence
Secondary: Kinetic Melee
First Pool: Speed
Second Pool: Leadership
Current Level: 26


Battle Cry: How about a bunch of fives?

Blurb: The Schoolmistress with the Savage Heart!

Potentially Wanky Backstory: Dr Montcrief is one of the “Historical Heroes” invented for the “Past Lives” event organized to mark the 10th anniversary of Madrigal, Legendary’s “boutique” line of comics. The event depicted a “time-wash” dragging several historical super-heroes into the present, causing heroes from both the Madrigal universe (new and pre-existing) and regular Legendary universes to cross-over and interact. Alana was invented by Steve Darlington as a kind of homage to several Alan Moore characters, deliberately aping the ridiculousness of some classic 1930’s pulp heroines and the schoolgirl heroes such as Enid Blyton’s The Twins and the Naughtiest Girl In School. Originally dubbed the semi-satirical title of Doctor Daring! she now mostly uses her own name in titles.

The good Doctor gained her powers when she was kidnapped by the jackalwomen of Ngoro-Ngoro crater. When she proved strong enough to outlast their usual torments, they embraced her instead as one of their own, and taught her their sacred arts of defence. The jackalwomen had overseen the birth of the first man, and had then pledged to protect the child and all his ancestors. Trained in their strange martial-art and gifted with one of their great totemic shields, Dr Montcrief returned to her native London to fight crime. The time-pulse event moved her into modern day, but she was not overly perturbed by the trip (or indeed, much at all). A proper lady, her only break with tradition is riding astride in jodhpurs.

Her bio on the author’s website is as follows:

By the time Lieutenant McTavish was 25 years old he was already making a name for himself in Her Majesty’s army. He was a brilliant soldier, a fearless explorer and the toast of Africa and the Empire alike. Naturally, he had already taken a wife, a young blonde girl of French descent but British education named Ariette Montcrief. But he was a man of the soldiery and of Africa and he had a Victorian man’s appetites for more than just adventure and Lady Ariette’s place was caring for the family castle in Abroath. And so he had a mistress, a raven-haired beauty of Turkish descent he met in Marrakesh. Soon enough, both women gave him daughters – both called Alana (the half-sister is Mme Inferna – Ed). Lady Montcrief’s blonde child had all the benefits of title and reputation, and the moment she could walk joined her father on the Serengeti. Years later, Africa had claimed the life of her father (or so everyone thought), a tragedy from which Alana never truly recovered. Of course, Lt McTavish was not killed, but that’s another story.

Dr Alana Montcrief

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