The Beneather

Freedom, Hero, Scrapper, Dual Blades/Elec Armour, Lvl 27


Server: Freedom
Archetype: Scrapper
Origin: Science
Primary: Dual Blades
Secondary: Electrical Armour
First Pool: Jumping
Second Pool: Speed
Current Level: 27

Eventually we can probably list powers here too, or get one of them funky downloadable things that lets you print your stats out from CoH.


Battle Cry: Justice lies Beneath!

Blurb: The spines of a manta, the teeth of a shark, the shock of the eel, the legs of a man – and the heart of a hero.

Ridiculously Elaborate Origin: The Beneather first appeared in 1964 in the pages of Legendary Comics’ Tales to Astonish in a story called What Lies Beneath? by veteran Legendary scribe Joe Windik and drawn by Drew Dware. The tale depicts Doctor Tempest creating a monster by combining all the greatest weapons of all the monsters of the deep, only to be horrified when his creature had the mind of a man. Dubbing his creation “The Beneather”, Tempest tried to make him his slave but it backfired. Beneather however refused to return the ocean, determined instead to “see what this world above holds for one from below.”

Beneather was an itinerant title until the title was rebooted in the 70s by newcomer Steve Darlington. His run revealed that Tempest had in fact built his creature from a species caught far deep below the ocean, only adding the legs, lungs and muscle structure to allow it to be fully functional on land. In the landmark arc Tears of the Prodigal Beneather returned to his race, but found he could not understand them nor would they ever accept him. Since then several “Beneather” species have turned up in the comics (not to be confused with Beneather Prime, Beneather’s double from the Praetorian Dimension).

Beneather’s chief nemeses include Dr Vazhilok and TEMPEST Labs. At one point he was involved in a feud with Dr Alana Montcrief because the latter believed the Landshark of Legend had killed her father; it turned out the father was a disguised corpse created by Vazhilok. Beneather generally works alone but has recently appeared in some team books, and in the 80s had a sidekick/support staff member nicknamed “The Fisherman”. Jeff Quincy was a marine biologist who tended to Beneather’s wounds in his lab. During the Blood in the Water arc, Fisherman donned a special suit to replace the Beneather for a time. Fans were not impressed, and dubbed Quincy “Fishboy”. Quincy remains in continuity but has yet to don the suit again.

Recently, Beneather was made King of Atlantis, and gained a new costume – a red and gold cape of office – and biological legs instead of his robotic ones. His scales also turned white to better camouflage at the lower depths. No word yet on whether the legs (or any other part) will remain in canon.

The Beneather

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