El Hoja

Liberty, Praetoria, Stalker, Ninja Blade/Regeneration, Lvl 18


Server: Liberty
Type: Praetorian
Archetype: Stalker
Origin: Magic
Primary: Ninja Blade
Secondary: Regeneration
First Pool: Speed
Current Level: 18


Battle Cry: Ia Muerto!

Blurb: The Stygian Swordsman

Let Me Tell You About My Character: Originally created as a nemesis for Madame Inferna, El Hoja (Spanish for “The Blade”) first appeared in Circus of the Arcane #24 (Darlington/Harris/Robertson, 1989). The demonic creature with the grey fedora stalked Mme Inferna for a long time, killing several of her friends and allies before revealing himself. His motivation was his objection to her trapping and ‘enslaving’ his fellow demonic brothers in her battle to fight crime. He claimed he himself had escaped such cruelty in the Circus and would not allow others to suffer it. However, Inferna discovered that El Hoja had in fact taught her grandfather how to command demons in exchange for his freedom, so he was in part trying to assuage his own guilt. Inferna settled the matter by making a new deal with her demons so they were fighting by choice, and El Hoja agreed to go to prison. However, El Hoja was later revealed to be playing a trick, as his freedom was originally granted to him with a demonic ban that prevented him from ever being imprisoned again. He then appeared to seek some redemption for his crimes although he himself has admitted: “I have killed thousands; I cannot possibly atone for them all.”

Still, El Hoja now ostensibly seems to be on the side of good, aiding Mme Inferna, albeit often obliquely, and taking part in battling the Despair Demon in the Dimensional Distress event. He claims to have been ‘walking this earth’ for over twenty thousand years, but that “things only became interesting when you sinners invented the sword”, after which he devoted his life to mastering the weapon. Certain throwaway lines point to him having been a Knight Templar, a Jesuit monk, a musketeer, a Spanish caballero, a vallejo in the Old West and an assassin for the Vatican secret police. He may have been joking when he implied he created mankind by mistake (Circus of the Arcane #66: “I have my mistakes; there was that time in Ngoro-Ngoro – I do not wish to speak of it”)

He is a master swordsman and his demonic blood makes his flesh heal extremely quickly (which made getting the tattoos on his arms “a long and bloody exercise for both I and the artist”). As mentioned, he also cannot be captured against his will and is a master of many other weapons.

El Hoja

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