Freedom, Praet, Defender, Storm Summoning/Sonic Attack, Lvl 22


Server: Freedom
Type: Praetoria (probably going to Hero)
Archetype: Defender
Origin: Technology
Primary: Storm Summoning
Secondary: Sonic Attack
First Pool: Flight
Current Level: 22


Battle Cry: Eat noise, losers! (needs work)

Blurb: The Sentinel of the Storm

Completely Unnecessary Fluff: In the Praetorian universe, TEMPEST labs are more technological than biological and when Emperor Cole feared that those of his citizens without powers may feel underprivileged, he turned to the labs to create “super-suits” to allow the average human to compete. The first of these were the “storm suits”, a connected suit of body armour fitted under a series of extremely powerful “fusion-dynamo molecular distorters” which could vastly excite the molecules of any gas around them. In practice, the easiest thing to do was to electrify the air, allowing the wearer to create miniature atmospheric effects such as storms, snow and loud thunder claps, hence the nickname. The first prototype was known as the Worn Remodeller of Atmospheric Conditions 1000, or W.R.A.C.K. for short. Shortly after the first suit was tested however, TEMPEST labs were shut down and the suit is the only one now in regular use.

The first man to wear the suit was Douglas Flack, but he was replaced before the public release by Joe Doyle. Joe and his suit were introduced to audiences in 1979 in Powers of Praetoria #2 when the Praetoria universe was expanded to include several superteams. He was originally a member of Crossbow, an alternative version of Longbow, before going solo. He was created by Steve Darlington and Denny O’Neil. Darlington once described his concept of the character as “what if Captain America really had to deal with all the evil America stands for?” WRACK got his own title, Stormwrack in 1984, and was used to explore many of the moral issues in the Praetorian universe, culminating in his famous killing of Mother Mayhem for her psychic domination of free citizens (she got better), after which he abandoned his government work and went rogue. The comic then ended but WRACK has made several cameo appearances in other heroes’ books since.


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